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Vauxhall vehicles have varied towing capabilities, meaning that depending on your model, you can tow just about anything from a light trailer to a family caravan. With a helping hand from Bosal, you can find a high quality towbar to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you’re looking to tow a caravan for your next family holiday, a trailer to transport business goods or if you just need extra loading space, one of the most important aspects of towing safely is having the correct towbar for your Vauxhall model - whether it’s a commercial towbar for your Vivaro or a towbar mounted cycle carrier for your Astra. 

Vauxhall have been manufacturing cars in the UK since 1903 and offer a vast range of models, which is why it’s important to find the right towbar for your particular car. Bosal supply a range robust vehicle-specific towbars designed so you don't have to compromise your vehicle's safety. Bosal offer a mobile fitting service and have a number of expert towbar fitters around the country.   

If you need help finding a towbar or can't find your vehicle model, 
speak to our towbar experts.

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Vauxhall: A Brief History

Although Bedford and Vauxhall vehicles have a long and rich history here in Britain, the brand names have rarely been used outside of the United Kingdom, due to the company’s long standing relationship with General Motors, which, until recently, stretched all the way back to 1925.

Indeed, since 1980, Vauxhall’s vehicles have been largely identical to their Opel counterparts - GM’s German subsidiary. However, the future of Vauxhall as a brand might be uncertain, as in March of 2017, both Vauxhall and Opel were sold to the PSA Group (owner of Peugeot and Citroen) for £1.9bn - making it Europe’s second largest car-maker.

Founded as Vauxhall Iron Works by Andrew Betts Brown in 1863, the company began to produce cars in 1903, having previously specialised in travelling cranes. During the Second World War, car production at the plant was suspended, as over 5,600 Churchill tanks were built, as well as 250,000 Bedford lorries.

In 1963, one of the company’s most successful cars - the Vauxhall Viva, was launched - followed by the famous Chevette and Cavalier. Today’s popular models see the likes of the Adam, Astra, Corsa, Insignia and Mokka all adorned by the famous griffin.

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