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Audi are known for their innovative cars and Bosal are known for their innovative towbars. Bosal towbars have outstanding safety features, solid build quality and versatility, so you can find a reliable partnership for your vehicle. 

German manufacturing giants, Audi are world famous for producing luxury road cars with powerful engines and therefore high towing capabilities. Our Audi towbars are built using the latest technologies and the most up to date safety features to match your vehicle's pulling power, ensuring years and years of reliable towing.

Bosal are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of premium quality towbars and we pride ourselves in supplying vehicle-specific towbars designed for a range of Audi models including the 
A3 and A4 series. Our towbars are professionally installed by our network of experts,  so you can enjoy a stress-free installation.  

Simply search by model and registration plate and book your BMW towbar fitting online.

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  Audi: A Brief History

Part of the holy trinity of the world’s best-selling luxury car brands, Audi are right up there with BMW and Mercedes when it comes to quality, performance and desirability - proving that the Germans really are at the forefront of Advancement Through Technology (Vorsprung durch Technik).

The four rings represent the four German car companies that merged together to create the ‘Auto Union’ back in 1932. Having been acquired by the Volkswagen Group from Daimler-Benz in the 1960s, the brand was relaunched as Audi in ‘65, named after the original founder August Horch, which translates as ‘Listen’ in English ...or ‘Audi’ in Latin.

Today’s range of models is vast, and includes superminis and hot hatches such as the A1 and A3, executive saloons such as the A6 and A7, and crossover SUVs including the Q2, Q3, Q5 and the behemoth that is the Q7. S (Sport) and RS (Racing Sport) models are particularly desirable, while the Quattro has gone down in legend - offering all-wheel drive through a centre differential.

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