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Our Founder - Karel Bos

Karel Bos (1928)

Dr. Karel Bos was born in Alkmaar in the Netherlands on the 25th May 1928. After serving as a military officer in the Dutch forces for a period of two years shortly after the Second World War, Dr. Bos emigrated to South Africa and established the group of Companies now known as Bosal Africa.

In establishing this group, Dr. Bos was following his father who also worked with metals and was a car parts distributor. His father had established a company with the name of Bosal in Holland in 1923. The company established in South Africa by Dr. Bos was helped financially with a small loan from his father but thereafter became independent and has remained so ever since. 

It was in South Africa that Dr. Bos met and married his wife Cornelia. With tightening of the “Apartheid regulations” in South Africa Dr. Bos elected to return to Europe with his family.

Dr. Bos and his family settled in Belgium and established the headquarters of the Bosal Group there.

Dr. Bos has been actively involved with the Bosal Group for all his working life and it is largely due to his drive, research and inventions that the Group owes its success. Throughout the time that Dr. Bos has been involved with the Group, and has maintained a firm policy which continues to this day - that the Group should expand by the use of internal resources, i.e. retained profit, and not external borrowing.

The company's founder holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, and in addition to his home in Europe, he still has the use of a residence in South Africa and pays regular visits there.

Dr. Bos stood down as the President and CEO of the Group in 2010 but still maintains an active presence and interests himself particularly in the research side of the Group.