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Lost and Spare Keys

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a set of keys, but if you’re panicking about a misplaced key for your Bosal towbar or cycle carrier - you needn’t worry. Simply call our Technical Team on 0800 374710, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Prior to picking up the phone, you’ll need to find out what the key number is. This can be found easily by looking on the barrel of the lock, or on the key itself if you’re simply looking to order a spare.

For Oris AK40 and AK41 necks, the key number will generally be between 001 and 200, whilst for Bosal AK4 and AK6 necks, it will be the letter T followed by four numbers. (e.g. T2092).

If there is no reference number on the barrel of the lock then it is likely you have an Oris Original Equipment product. These keys can only be ordered from Oris Germany. Again, our Technical Team will be happy to assist you.