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What's the difference between 7-pin and 13-pin electric sets?

Basically, the important question is what are you towing? A 13-pin electric set is a multi hook-up device that is suited for towing a caravan. It allows you to keep the fridge running in transit as well as charge the battery. A 7-pin electric set is designed merely to give trailer board lights functionality

I have purchased a new car, will my Warranty be affected if I fit a Bosal towbar?

No, fitting a Bosal Type Approved Towbar will not affect your vehicle's Warranty, so long as the towbar is fitted in accordance with the fitting instructions provided. This is why we only sell a fully fitted solution on this website

Can I fit the Towbar myself?

We only recommend that towbars are fitted by a professional fitter in line with the fitting instructions provided. This ensures no possibility that your vehicle Warranty can be invalidated

I have lost or broken my keys, can I get replacements?

Yes you can, follow this link below for more details

I have lost or damaged my Dust Cover, can I get a replacement?

Yes, these are listed in our Accessories section, follow this link

Is it possible to get a replacement neck?

In most cases it is and our Technical Team will gladly help. However, if the replacement is because of a rear-end accident we will not replace the neck. In this circumstance, there is a strong likelihood that the structure of the towbar mechnism has been compomised. As this is a safety critical device, we would recommend that a brand new bar is purchased.

My car has rear parking sensors, what is the best bar to fit?

We would recommend that you purchase a detachable towbar system and remove the neck when not in use.

REC (Rear Electric Center)

follow this link